Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Saddest Thing

A bunch of men,
Powerful and macho,
Board a big boat.
Their future to be told:
Blood, gutted sharks
Will soon come afloat.

For this is their job,
To catch 'em, then cut,
Take what they want,
Then throw them back- but,
The shark which I hate,
Because its big scary teeth,
Is now a creature I feel for,
with deep sympathy

As the big men take
The sharks freedom,
It lays and it stares
Its mouth open
Awaiting a fate
At the bottom of the ocean

The men have done their job,
The shark is still alive,
But they have no more use for it
So now it must die.
But it would take to much time
To kill a shark,
So they must say bye

In the ocean the shark goes,
Pulled down by its weight,
Sinking slowly,
Out of its normal state.
Blinking it's eyes,
Heavily and untaint.

Like a feather floating
Through the wind touched air,
The shark sinks down
With delicacy and care.
But the unkown shape,
Of this shark that be,
Makes it the saddest thing,
I ever did see.


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